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Title: .scrobbler.log and scrobbling
Post by: Ale3nt94 on December 02, 2014, 04:59:58 AM
Hello everyone.
I'm new here, and I'm feeling like a noob.
I've read everywhere about many kind of scrobbler (uScrobbler, Boxscrobbler ecc.). I've installed more then one, but they don't seem to work.
I've written username and password insdie scrobbler, but they do nothing.

I've been searchin .scrobbler.log inside the player, but I hadn't find it.

I don't understand the Rockbox guide about it.

Is there anyone that can explain to me what to do?

Thanks :)

[I've installed Rockbox on my Sansa Clip Plus]
Title: Re: .scrobbler.log and scrobbling
Post by: Sea Monkey on March 01, 2020, 12:54:32 PM
If .scrobbler.log isn't being created, you need to enable ' log' under 'Playback Settings' within Rockbox.  This is covered in the Rockbox manual for your device (