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Title: Not sure where to post this but: Current state of the MP3 player market?
Post by: Tomcat ha on November 29, 2015, 08:43:36 AM
I've been using rockbox since 2007 when i got my ipod Video 5.5. I have been able to keep it mostly alive since then occasionally sending it in for repairs and stuff. Currently i have another episode as the audio jack only gives mono sound atm. I am too clumsy for these things so i let someone else do it for me.
However this made me think about getting a cheapish mp3 player as backup or for use when i don't want to bring my big(and ofcourse vulnerable considering it has a harddrive) ipod along with me.

This brings me to my question:
What is the current mp3 player market like? Are there any new mp3 players that support rockbox at all? Most new mp3 players i've seen were expensive "high end" players like the ponoplayer and such. I did a quick search for mp3 players released this year and came across the sandisk clip jam and the Difrnce MP855. The latter ofcourse does not support rockbox. Are any of these worth it?
Title: Re: Not sure where to post this but: Current state of the MP3 player market?
Post by: [Saint] on November 29, 2015, 09:43:44 PM
Mobile phones have murdered the DAP market.

Fact is,for most consumers it makes a lot of sense. Streaming media services and cheap, fast mobile data on increasingly powerful hardware has made it very difficult to justify carrying around a dedicated media device as well as their mobile phone.

At this stage the DAP market exists almost exclusively for the very high and very low end markets. With the choices in dedicated audio players essentially being between ridiculous "audiophile" hardware, and the basically disposable pieces of Happy Meal toy plastic crap like the Clip Jam and friends (which, as a side note, doesn't and won't support Rockbox).

It is worth noting that there's still a reasonable market in new, refurbished, and used, DAPs from our supported device list (though some of them you'll quite literally never find or need to pry out of the cold, dead hands of a dedicated collector) available at $insert_local_online_marketplace_here (eBay, Amazon, Trade Me, et al).

Most of the iPods are still available, at a cost, fairly readily. Clip/Clip+/Clip Zip are fairly easy to find still, Fuse/Fuse+ pop up from time to time still.

They're out there, if you look hard enough, and aren't committed to only buying new in box from the OEM.