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Title: Curtis Sport DAP (MP51015 1 GB model)
Post by: ugoff on July 31, 2007, 11:33:33 PM
Hello, let me introduce myself. My name is Joe and I recently bought this DAP from my local K-mart. It's a pretty cheap design and it doesn't work well with OS X (I just created a Music folder and uploaded my music manually.) I basically got this because my 5th Generation iPod Video was stolen a couple of months ago and I wanted to get something cheap while I waited for the new iPod to come out (hopefully by at least the Spring of 08'.)

Anyways, I have an extensive music collection (about 150 gigs) and I kind of find the 1 gig to be a little restrictive. Don't get me wrong I like the portability but I want to hold a little more music. I've been experimenting with the MP3Pro codec and I can get about 96kbps quality at 64kbps and that's helped cut down with the size issue but I saw that the OGG vorbis has a better quality (even at it's lowest setting) and a slightly smaller size. The problem is though that my DAP doesn't support OGG files. I could have sworn it did, the manual even says it supports OGG playback but then later it says that only MP3's and WMA's can be played under Play Song mode. The thing is that I had a few OGG files loaded on and I went to the navigation mode (the only other mode that could access music files) and it says "NO MP3'S".

I was wondering if there was some way I could get into the firmware and hack it to have OGG support (maybe even under the Play Song menu.) Is there any way I could do a rom dump or something like that. I don't know a lot about firmware though and I have limited programing skills. I'm not expecting to have Rockbox playing on my DAP, I just want OGG support.

Oh, I forgot to post the link to the website. It's to the middle, I posted the model number so you should be able to locate it with ease.

Other note, All I see on the drive is a TIME.DAT, SETTINGS.DAT and a VOICE folder (Voice recording) and my MUSIC folder. The TIME and SETTINGS are 16kb and the music takes up the rest of the used space. I'm guessing maybe the firmware is in the rom. I heard of guys dumping their cellphone roms so I was wondering if maybe I could possible do the same and maybe overwrite it later.
Title: Re: Curtis Sport DAP (MP51015 1 GB model)
Post by: Llorean on July 31, 2007, 11:43:46 PM
Rockbox is not about hacking other firmwares. It's about programming a replacement firmware for the device.
Title: Re: Curtis Sport DAP (MP51015 1 GB model)
Post by: smartsphere on September 09, 2007, 09:44:17 PM
First of all what you have is a Murtis MPS1015   not MP51015

There is a firmware upgrade at  Curtis International  
(firmwares are available for your model)

find MPS1015

I was not able to do the upgrade of the firmware from a
Microsoft XP machine and had to do it from a WIN2000 machine
(The XP  device manager was not able to correctly assign the driver)
(This may be to the fact that the 1 GB did not come from the factory
 with it s DATA space formated)
(or because of the firmware revision in the mp3 Player)

I was able to install the firmware upgrade files using their loader from a WIN2000
machine I ticked the format data box as well.

The MP3 Player now works fine on the XP machine.  It see it as a mp3 drive.