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Title: iriver120/140 MB dead or flash?
Post by: Brontozaurus on January 21, 2015, 07:48:27 AM
Hello !
i am user of rockbox firmware too much year.. i have a pool of irivers (may be 6 or seven 140/120 + some ipods and 320/340), but now my question not about it..
i have a @present@ from my friend - damaged Iriver and now i try to reburn it.. ok, tl3405(U28) i am already replace (old Nokia charger kill them).
start and see some troubles with playing something.. like a RAM dead.. firmware start but no sound and hanging..but tracks still can switch(ff/rew)..ok, now i replace RAM  K4S561632E ( i have some motherboard for parts) and now i see the problem:
"rockbox boot loader
Version 6
Batt:  3.83v
Loading firmware
Leght: 7A6D0
Checksum: 25C2725
Model name: h120
Sum?: 13210D2
Result: -5                   

upd: when i press "rec" button on boot to backing to original firmware i see " Starting orginal firmware" and no way...
please help me please - tell me what is it? (ROM dead or corrupt or something else)

thank you for best firmware what i've seen (Rockbox)