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Title: Fix : replacing the LCD screen for a Gigabeat X series, with an S series screen
Post by: burkjavier on December 23, 2018, 01:48:59 PM
Worked for me, passing this info on for anyone who still has one of these old players.

Recently purchased a Gigabeat X20, from Japan (just an itch I had to scratch).  To my knowledge similar hardware to the X30/X60's.   Also own two F series and an S, from many years back.   SSD change worked fine, Rockbox install all A-OK, but noticed that the LCD viewing angles were pretty terrible.

Read up on this and it looked like the S series screen was the same size and also the same connector (just the LCD - the backlight connector is different, but luckily they are separate components).  And had a better viewing angle so disassembled the S / X , swapped the screens and so far so good with this change!

Was never particularly thrilled with the sound of the S btw, but preferred the smaller compact size to the bulkier (but better sounding) F series.  The X seems to be the best of both worlds, so far - only the crappy screen was an annoyance.