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Title: Sansa Fuze+ with strange battery behavior
Post by: Xmetalfanx on May 04, 2021, 11:09:31 PM
I fully admit that this may not be a Rockbox issue but I found a few good deals on some Fuze+'s in great condition but unlike the physical one I bought from a different seller in 2018 that is still just find other than the nicks/dings I did to it .... one of my new ones (at least one) seems to REALLY be decharging fast ...Even on my old one I know it never charged to "100%" but in the low 90% range and really say for about an hour to hour and half of daily use ... it'd be like MAYBE (I admit I am guest-a-mating) a bit on Day 5 or 6 It'd get to say the mid teens as far as reported battery % left and i'd let it charge.

This one seems to decharge just as much/if not MORE when it's 100% off .... I had it at say 88% charged and went to do a few things .. picked it up to go out for my usual walk and it (the entire tiem it was off since i say the "88% left") at say 79%-80% ... and sure i know if i leave it on for a second it may go up or down a % or two but ... heck since i turned it off awhile back it went from 63% to 56% ... I listened to it for awhile and it went back up to "60% left" for say 10 minutes.    I am going to be honest I am not even sure the seller would take it back and it's not "technically" broken but the red flag for me is one time after I used it for a bit and I didn't even look at the battery % level .. it wouldn't turn on at all (not even to say "low battery") ... SOMEHOW with one of my chargers I got it going just enough to start charging again.

My question is has anyone else seen that sort of behavior before? ... I dont mind if say I have to charge it more often to keep it going, but at least that one time it wouldn't boot up (NO signs of life) and wouldn't take a change at first, makes me thing this unit while being in GREAT condition, may be dying ... again I may not be able to get a refund/exchange anyway.   I am not really a fan of the OF on the Fuze+ ... feels too clunky, but seeing the deals I saw and loving The Fuze+ WITH Rockbox, I couldn't pass these units up.

I have two other units and at least if this one is bad and I cant return it ... I hope the others are OK.
Title: Re: Sansa Fuze+ with strange battery behavior
Post by: braewoods on May 05, 2021, 04:06:06 AM
I noticed a similar thing with an old stock Fuze+ that was never used before. I thought it was just due to the battery being old myself.
Title: Re: Sansa Fuze+ with strange battery behavior
Post by: lunacard on August 02, 2021, 03:44:49 AM
Have faced the same issue, it seems ot be common problem.