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Title: Using fontforge
Post by: iPodFoo on October 27, 2006, 08:15:00 PM
ADMIN: This can be deleted now. I managed to figure it out. Cheers.

I know this isnt strictly a rockbox related thread, but it is for my wps theme I want to make.

Ive looked everywhere on how to make BDF fonts from Fontforge site, general internet including the rockbox site. Am I not looking hard enough?

Im currently running it on Debian VMWare on XP.

Ive tried following the tutorials on the fontforge site but it seems to cater for making vector fonts mostly.

Steps I do:

File > New
Element > Bitmaps Available > Set the Width to 12
Double click the character to edit
File > Import > Choose a bmp made from photoshop
Edit if need be
Generate Fonts > BDF (with no outline)

But when I open the result, its empty. I must be missing something along the way.  ???

Would like any help if available.