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Title: What's wrong with iCatcher?
Post by: jswetzen on June 30, 2007, 09:23:06 AM
I am making my first theme but two of my ideas didn't work...

First, I thought that it would be possible to use %?ck<%xda|%xdb|...> and %?cM<%xdm|%xdn|...> to create a graphical clock (one image for every hour and one for every five minutes), but it seems that those tags only have true/false conditions.
Does anyone know if there's any specific reason for this, if not I'll submit a feature request.

And now to iCatcher. The nice volume indicator that spins around when you pause goes faster if I scroll the scroll wheel (change the volume) on my iPod. The same thing happens on the simulator, but why? I can't find any explanation for this in the iCatcher wps file.

This is the code:
Code: [Select]
%t0.1 %?mp<%xda|%?pv<%xda|%xdb|%xdc|%xdd|%xde|%xdf|%xdg|%xdh|%xdi>|%xdj|%xdj|%xdj>;
%t0.1 %?mp<%xda|%?pv<%xda|%xdb|%xdc|%xdd|%xde|%xdf|%xdg|%xdh|%xdi>|%xdk|%xdk|%xdk>;
%t0.1 %?mp<%xda|%?pv<%xda|%xdb|%xdc|%xdd|%xde|%xdf|%xdg|%xdh|%xdi>|%xdl|%xdl|%xdl>;
%t0.1 %?mp<%xda|%?pv<%xda|%xdb|%xdc|%xdd|%xde|%xdf|%xdg|%xdh|%xdi>|%xdm|%xdm|%xdm>;
%t0.1 %?mp<%xda|%?pv<%xda|%xdb|%xdc|%xdd|%xde|%xdf|%xdg|%xdh|%xdi>|%xdn|%xdn|%xdn>;
%t0.1 %?mp<%xda|%?pv<%xda|%xdb|%xdc|%xdd|%xde|%xdf|%xdg|%xdh|%xdi>|%xdo|%xdo|%xdo>;
%t0.1 %?mp<%xda|%?pv<%xda|%xdb|%xdc|%xdd|%xde|%xdf|%xdg|%xdh|%xdi>|%xdp|%xdp|%xdp>;
%t0.1 %?mp<%xda|%?pv<%xda|%xdb|%xdc|%xdd|%xde|%xdf|%xdg|%xdh|%xdi>|%xdq|%xdq|%xdq>

I cut the line up so it wouldn't ruin the page layout, but this should be one line.