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Title: RWPS and the iAudio X5 remote control
Post by: ianmacd on April 27, 2007, 06:45:33 AM

There were a number of places where I could have placed this topic, but since it's related to RWPS use, this is as good as any.

Some time ago (I'm no longer sure when exactly), the remote on my X5 stopped displaying anything in Rockbox. It still works fine with the original Cowon firmware. Note that the backlight does work; it's just the display that remains blank.

I've tried changing all settings related to the remote and I've played with various RWPS files, but nothing causes any data to be displayed.

I'm using the latest Rockbox build from SVN, together with the scroll margins and album art patches, but I've confirmed that the remote also fails to work even with those patches removed.

Has anyone seen this behaviour before?