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Title: How I setup rockbox on my iPod
Post by: lereinwe on December 12, 2019, 10:37:21 AM
So after ages of playing around and facing lots of obstacles I have finally got rockbox running the way I want it on my iPod classic 7G and am deciding to share it with you guys.

Firstly what I'd like to point out is that it's much easier to use a pc to do all the hard work rather than your DAP. For me it was running the rockbox simulator (which you can find with a quick google search) and building my database and preparing pictureflow that way. I used the simulator as my iPod kept giving me problems and hanging when building database, or when preparing albumart for picture flow. This was probably because of the size of my library and this issue was overcome by using the simulator. Not exactly sure why it worked better but it didMy guess is probably because of the computational power increase. One issue I did run into with the simulator was building database. It decided it was finished after scanning about half the folders i wanted to so instead I moved all the folders into a parent folder and voila! It worked first try. So once database was built and my music library was had the exact same folder structure as my iPod I transferred the database .tcd and pictureflow .pfraw files to the iPod. This worked perfectly for me. Database and pictureflow are now working flawlessly MyColes (

now I'd like to share my method of preparing album art for pictureflow, I'm sure quite a few people have issues with this. As all my music is arranged in a "albumartist/album/track.mp3" format I loaded my library into mp3tag and extracted album covers using an action. I decided to call the images cover.jpg but rockbox also can read folder.jpg as well as others. So after extracting covers I loaded all of them into irfanview to batch convert to baseline jpeg as rockbox doesn't support progressive or .png - by doing this there is no need to alter the embedded albumart.

That's all - hope this helps people   :)
Title: Re: How I setup rockbox on my iPod
Post by: Vegbenz on September 14, 2020, 10:17:02 PM
Can you give a little more detail on how you compile the database in a simulator and then transfer that to your iPod?  I'm having issues compiling a database of 9000 songs onto my 5.5g iPod with an iFlash Dual SDXC hard drive. 
Title: Re: How I setup rockbox on my iPod
Post by: Vegbenz on September 29, 2020, 08:34:58 PM
Could anyone offer some tips on troubleshooting database issues?  I loaded my entire music library (~10k files) to my ipod with an iflash dual card, and it can not initialize the database.  I tried loading just one album to the ipod and it can load the database and play the album.  I'm now trying to load a third of the library to see if that works.  I am thinking it may be a tagging/database issue, but I'd love a little direction in how to understand how best to reformat my library if that is the issue.