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Title: execute seek function when track starts
Post by: ohm3141 on December 04, 2018, 11:53:10 AM

Where do I need to be adding code to randomly seek into a track when it starts? I have successfully added a setting in the playback menu ("Jump Into"), and now I want to check the state of that setting every time a new track starts. If on, then randomly jump to somewhere in the middle of the track. If not, start play normally.

1. What function should I be calling to perform that seek? I've tried "audio_on_ff_rewind(long time)", but either that's not the right function, or I'm not calling it in the right spot.

2. Where do I need to call that seek function (or whichever function I should be calling if someone wants to correct me on #1)?

Thank you all for what you've done with's great!