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Title: Sansa Fuze reassembly?
Post by: Prisoner416 on April 04, 2020, 01:29:41 AM
Took apart my Fuze because I have OCD and there was a bit of stuff behind the screen along with a random short problem.

Turns out there was a screw loose most likely causing the short, but the unit is working fine without it, and I do not trust myself enough with the ribbon cable since I've broken a few already trying to fix things. Can never reassemble once that's loose.

If anyone can recommend how best to fasten the bottom of the unit since the clips aren't "sticking" quite right, or better yet, if someone is willing to repair it at cost, that'd be great.

It's not the largest of deals but I'd rather have it fixed to tip-top shape. The only real issue is keeping dust and stuff off the screen/inner plastic while doing any future repairs (OCD) and working around the ribbon cable.

If I can pay for a fix I might as well replace the battery as well, although since it's from unit unused except for a few recent months, the original is still holding a decent charge.
Title: Re: Sansa Fuze reassembly?
Post by: Moogle on April 08, 2020, 10:26:41 AM
Which model Fuze?
Title: Re: Sansa Fuze reassembly?
Post by: Prisoner416 on May 09, 2020, 06:42:32 PM
Which model Fuze?

v2, not that I think it really matters much?

I think the screw that came loose was likely related to the trackwheel, as it's a bit looser and sometimes needs a firm press on the very bottom of the wheel to register that input, but after the first firm press it acts normally.

I don't have enough trust to do ANYTHING related to the ribbon cable, already broke a player that way. Mainly curious as to how best to "reglue" the bottom half since it's lifting a bit from when I had to open it.

I have a few other ebay spares, one needs an inner screen cleaning (looks like something leaked inside it and stained at one point), and the other just needs scratch polished out. I was never good enough to buff out plastic even with Novus, though.

The wheel design is what I love about this player, even better than the iPod touch interface. A full tactile feel. Really wish they still made them or someone would make a similar model based on that input design.
Title: Re: Sansa Fuze reassembly?
Post by: Moogle on May 11, 2020, 06:55:30 AM
I agree, the Fuze wheel works brilliantly.

I've never seen a V2 before, but I've stripped and rebuilt my V1 3 times, due to being sent a faulty replacement battery. I've got the same problem with the case clips at the foot of the unit not wanting to close. If you look at the Amazon reviews of others who have attempted a battery replacement, you'll see many complain of the same thing.

So, I don't know how to fix the clips, but you can still get the tight fitting skins for the Fuze, that should hold the case together and stop any dirt getting into it.

Regarding your battery, lithium batteries have been proved to have a shelf life in a dormant state of better than 10 years, so if your battery is still holding a charge and lasting a reasonable time, I wouldn't bother replacing it until you need to.