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Title: Getting iPod 30GB video to work with Rock Box PLEASE HELP!!!
Post by: Achronos on February 26, 2007, 07:08:16 PM
Hey I am on Mac OS X and have a 30 gb ipod video.  In the manual it says that i need a windows formated ipod and sence i do not have access to a windows  its asking to download a .bin file.  its asks me for the build of my ipod (the bit) and it gives a comand but i have no clue were to put the comand.  so if anyone knows how to change an mac ipod to windows on a macintosh then please help.  I know its in the manuel but i do not know how to use ternminal or what ever the app that is needed at all. so i really would appricate some help AIM is iamachronos. please help!