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Title: installing rockbox on ipod nano with voicing menus problems
Post by: GKellerer on September 29, 2006, 12:43:16 PM

hope here is someone in the forum who is able to help me. I used Rockbox on my Archos player and now bought an apple nano 1st gen. because I did nont know if it is Firmware 1.2 or not i tried the creation of the bootloader with the -g nano and the -g video option with nearly the same results. Rockbox is started in both cases but the reaction of the player is strange. I cant tell whats on the screen because i am blind. The player talks but i am not able to determine where i am - in the menue or in the directory browser. sometimes it talks things from the menu but not only from main menu. Some text is from the playback options, from the settings... I used  the bootloader-nano.bin and the  built from the 21 september 2006 with the voice files from the cvs. I also tried the voicefiles from the 2.5 release but that was even worse. Could anyone help me getting this work?

Thanks a lot for your ideas.