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Title: Testers needed: Fuze+ scrollstrip-like gesture
Post by: ulmutul on August 08, 2016, 07:33:07 PM
This patch allows scrolling through lists by sliding up and down on the centre column of the touchpad. A short tap on the area works as usual and yields a single short button press. A long button press however would interfere with the sliding detection and thus is handled differently (see settings section below).

Comments about your favorite settings are highly appreciated, even if you totally dislike this patch (I plan to use the code for real scrollstrip targets like Philips HDD16xx). You can also leave comments on IRC (I'll read the backlogs).

To install the patch, download this file: ( and put it in your player's ".rockbox" folder. Note that it's a hidden folder and may not be visible as default. (You may also want to backup your original "rockbox.sansa" file!)
Alternatively you can download the whole file here: ( or fetch the patch from gerrit (g#1199) and compile it yourself.

The patch offers a lot of configuration possibilities. You find them in the following menus:
Settings > General Settings > System > Scrollstrip handling
Settings > General Settings > System > Scrollstrip speed
Settings > General Settings > System > Afterscroll

The most important setting is "Scrollstrip handling". This setting defines, how long buttonpresses are handled:

Additional info:

The main purpose is a scrollstrip driver common to all scrollstrip targets (see g#786). Unfortunately these are not very common nowadays, so the Fuze+ is a much better base for testing. (I'm sure that it can be integrated in Fuze+ code as well if enough people like it ;).)

There are even more possible settings: I was too lazy to make the long-press-lag and the double-click-time configurable, so I hope they fit. (Otherwise leave a note!) If it seems sensible, a menu entry could be done. Of course only the most useful settings will remain if this patch gets merged into the codebase.

Title: Re: Testers needed: Fuze+ scrollstrip-like gesture
Post by: thinkofsomething on August 19, 2020, 05:52:15 PM
Wow. Can't believe I found this! I recently purchased a Sansa Fuze+ and this is exactly what I needed. Seems pretty great so far for an old patch that needed testers :)