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Title: Rockbox utility crashes when installing bootloader on mac
Post by: ronket on February 28, 2008, 07:00:35 PM
I have an H320, and I'm using the Rockbox utility on an intel Imac (leopard OS). I've installed all the rockbox stuff, and downloaded a .hex file to match the one on my player (it was originally installed from an old PC so the file was not on my mac).
So, having done all this I selected the install bootloader option in the "installation" tab. It starts to chug away doing whatever it does and the progress bar reaches about 85% and then boom it just crashes out leaving the error message that the application unexpectedly quit.
 Having tried all this a few times now, as well as trying the simpple install and the complete install buttons too...I'm afraid it's far from unexpected.
Help! what can I do?