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Title: iriver h120 - ATA error -32. Can you compile a modified bootloader?
Post by: Avokado on June 17, 2011, 07:26:32 AM
Iriver H120 20G, no mod. Firmware: Tried v1.65 and v1.65. Tried latest rockbox (3.8.1)

following a recent checkdisk and defrag (but cannot explain why this would be the cause of the problem), my h120 player decided to refuse booting in rockbox. The player freezes and I get ATA error -32, asking to connect USB cable and press a button, which allows going into USB mode.
Pressing the reset button will work and restart into iriver mode.
I reformated the HDD, re-ran checkdisk, and the HDD appears to be 100% fine.
I reinstalled original firmware and the player is working perfectly.
But I would love to get Rockbox working again.

At bottom of page, Twiki user KevinFerrare explains :

“KevinFerrare: Since the beginning of the rockbox port on the H1x0 series, I've always got an "*Panic* ata:-32" error with vanilla bootloaders. The only solution I've found so far is to replace the content of the "check_registers" function in "firmware/drivers/ata.c" by a "return 0;", compile the bootloader, cross my fingers and flash it”

I am no expert at this and would probably spend ages learning to use SVN and trying using the crosscompiler etc.
Is there anyone who has compiled a bootloader using the tweak suggested by KevinFerrare, and could make it available online?

Hope you can help.