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Title: e250r, trouble entering manufacturing mode (was: e250r HELP NEEDED PLS!)
Post by: haxorqwax on July 23, 2009, 07:20:34 PM
I successfully installed and enjoyed Rockbox on this, and had it running for about a year.

My friend went on vacation, and I lent him my Sansa for the trip. While my friend was on the trip, he wanted to clear the memory to change the music library. He formatted the Sansa in Windows, now it doesn't work.

When I turn it on, I get the following message:

Rockbox Bootloader
version 5.0
Sandisk Sansa e200
Partition 0: 0x06 1896 MB
Partition 1: 0x84 20 MB
Loading rockbox...
Can't load Rockbox.mi4:
File not found
Can't load Rockbox.e200:
File not found

The device then powers off immediately. I get this message when the device is plugged in to PC, and standalone. I attempted to boot the device in to manufacturer mode to wipe it clean, or reinstall the Sandisk or Rockbox software, but that doesn't work. I can't get it to mount as a removable disk on my computer no matter what I do!

Please help!!!