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Title: H10Like theme (for H10 20GB/iAudio X5)
Post by: karashata on September 20, 2008, 10:29:33 PM
I decided I wanted to make a theme that resembles the H10 20GB's original firmware's theme.  It can be viewed and downloaded here:

(Just scroll down to the bottom of my section...).  Feel free to comment on it and offer suggestions.  Also, I may make a version that will display 50x50 pixel album art images if people want it.  One small thing to note, the main background (the one seen in the menus) doesn't work very well in the quickscreen, but since I want the menus to look as much as possible like the H10 original firmware...

EDIT (22 Sept 2008):  I made a small change to the WPS code since I made a small mistake with the track information displayed.  The previous version I had posted used either the tagged album name or the directory name in absence of tags, whereas the original firmware displayed the tagged artist name or the directory in absence of tags.  The corrected version now displays artist, album (if artist is missing), or directory (if artist and album are missing).

Edit:  Some more changes, renamed the original theme to "H10Like - Light", and added a "Dark" theme and a "Colour" theme.