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Title: Upgrading IPod 5G 30GB to more than 256GB
Post by: Smaug on February 16, 2019, 06:17:37 PM
Hey there,

In 2008 I inherited the IPod video from my best friend who passed away when we were 19. He was indeed my brother from another mother and one of the most important things in our lifes was music. So his parents decided that I'd should get his IPod 5G. He really loved that one and so did I as I felt I owed that respect as it is the only thing from him I got left, besides the best memories friends could share. This is the reason why after 14 years it still got its shrink on the front at is was always kept in the plastic housing. However, in 2011 I thought I had lost my best friends legacy or it was stolen from me, because I couldn't find it anymore. Last year I found it in a jacket I wasn't wearing since then.
I have a Fiio X1 which runs smoothly but the meaning of the IPod is a different thing. I'd love to enjoy music through that machine again.

Back in the years I had Rockbox installed. Now I'd like to replace the old battery and also put in a flash drive instead of the old hdd. I have read about loads of options here, and this might me a little confusing. But im confident I  have chosen the right hardware to upgrade the IPod with a 400Gb SDXC which would enable me to take all my music with me.

This is the hardware I chose:

1. A CF-ZIF Adaptor: (
2. A Type II SDXC to CF Adaptor: (
3. A SanDisk Ultra 400 GB Micro SDXC (

It would be great if you'd correct me if I did anything wrong here, when chosing my hardware.

Furthermore I have one final question: Should I remove Rockbox, before replacing the hdd by the flash drive including the adaptors, so that the IPod is in its initial condition with the original ROM?

Thank you

Title: Re: Upgrading IPod 5G 30GB to more than 256GB
Post by: huedrant on April 19, 2019, 07:46:32 AM
That is exactly the setup I plan for my ipod 5.5G

I found this adaptor

I'm not sure whether it requires a iFlash adaptor on the iPod (which costs lot more!) and if it really works with the 400GB SD.

Did you already build yours and did you succeed with the equipment you linked?