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Title: Sansa Clip issues, including Paused Music = No Voice Menus
Post by: trumpton on September 11, 2010, 08:47:00 AM
I've got the Sansa Clip v1, and it's working pretty well.
I'm using rockbox version r27996-100904

There does appear to be a problem, however, in that when I pause music, the voice menus also stop working (and when I un-pause the music, I get the menus back!)
For me, as I can see the screen, it isn't a problem, but I've bought it for someone who is blind.

Is this a known issue, or is it specific to the clip?  If it is new, I'll raise a bug report, as Ive got the know-how to tinker with native apps like rbutil, but not cross-compiled ones :(

All in all, the clip is not so unstable as the wiki suggests - It is very useable, and I only see the following issues:

 X  Pause disables voice menus

 X  It sometimes reverts to the original OS which creates a whole bunch of directories I have to keep deleting (reverting is a known Issue associated with the USB interface, I believe)

 X  It would be great to hide certain menus that are of no use to blind users: database for one, and perhaps make the menu where you can turn off the voice navigation well protected.

 X  It doesn't consistently speak the battery level when powering on, and doesn't say charging etc.. (but I suspect that is associated with the USB interface issue above).

 X  There's a clock, and you can set the time - never found out how to get it to tell you the time (speaking).

Thanks for a great OS & App!

Steve Clarke