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Title: H120 dies all of a sudden
Post by: Aladar on January 18, 2010, 01:27:07 AM
Hello, I bought my H120 second-hand, and it worked fine till one day it turned off (probably cause of low battery) and never turned on again. The buttons dont seem to work anymore (or work only sometimes), the restart button works only sometimes as well, and when it boots into original firmware, it says "check HDD connection", which would be obviously a HDD problem, but when it boots up the firmware completely, no buttons work at all.. what should I do?

Thanks for every help, I'm really desperate here..
Title: Re: H120 dies all of a sudden
Post by: kpapr1 on January 19, 2010, 10:55:52 AM
Did you try to power-up after you charged the battery or before? What charger do you use? Is it the original one? I have fixed many H120 and 99% of problems is damaged power regulators. Damaged = Completely or partialy burned. I have seen many weird problems that are caused by partially burned power regulators. I haven't come across your problem, but it sounds like a power regulator problem. The HDD error is a separate problem, the HDD connectors of the board/daughterboard need re-soldering.