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Title: !HELP! iPod nano 2nd gen checksum error.
Post by: ktulu on August 25, 2013, 12:39:39 PM
I ave a 2nd gen nano with a faulty select button. Today I installed rockbox, it went well, except that I have noticed the installation time was too quick, but with no errors.
Now when I unplugged the device (safe remove) the following screen appears:

Rockbox boot loader
Version: 1.0
Loading rockbox...
Length: A2DBB
Checksum: 40B109C
Model name: nano
Loading rockbox.ipod
Sum: 40B10D6
Can't load rockbox.ipod
Bad Checksum
Hold MENU+SELECT to reboot then  .....

The problem is, that the SELECT button doesn't work, so I can't do anything.
The backlight is permanently on.

What will happen if I let it drain the battery? (don't really have any other choice)
I set the hold button to ON, so when it switches off, maybe will come back in native firmware?
Can I still charge the battery? There is absolutely no indication of it, also connecting to PC does nothing.
Please help, did I just killed the ipod?   :(
(yes I'm planning to replace the clickwheel in the future)

Thank you!
Regards, Ktulu.
Title: Re: !HELP! please, iPod nano 2nd gen.
Post by: [Saint] on August 25, 2013, 03:14:13 PM
It sounds like you only installed the Rockbox bootloader.

To get out of this mess you are going to power OFF the device by holding the Play/Pause button, and then you will need to apply power via USB when the device is powered OFF - and the hold switch is set to ON - then set the hold switch to OFF, and then *very* quickly back to ON.

This should trigger a boot, at which stage the device should boot into the Apple firmware (due to hold being engaged - a feature of the Rockbox bootloader) and allow you to connect via USB using the Apple firmware (rockbox currently has no USB support for the Nano2G, even if it was installed correctly).

At this point, I will suggest you start iTunes and restore the iPod to factory settings, as you will have no way of booting Rockbox again unless you want to flash the bootloader again (and every time you enter the original firmware and need to get back to Rockbox) because doing so from the original firmware requires the device to be reset - which you cannot do because you have no Select key. Further complicated by the fact that it would be impossible to transfer media to the device using Rockbox.

Additionally, if Rockbox ever panicked, or hung, you would have no way to reset the device and would need to wait for the battery to deplete. In this case I consider it rather fortunate the installation wasn't complete.

Title: Re: !HELP! iPod nano 2nd gen checksum error.
Post by: ktulu on August 25, 2013, 04:23:53 PM
Thank you.
The battery deplated, and I was abla to turn the unit on in native mode.
I tried to intall rockbox again, but afterI disconnected, i got this message:
undefined instruction
at 080768F0
with a half dim backlight
I waited again til the unit died, then removed the bootloader and rockbox using the RockboxUtility.
Finally it seems that I have managed to install it properly. So far it works.
Thanx again.
Title: Re: !HELP! iPod nano 2nd gen checksum error.
Post by: [Saint] on August 25, 2013, 05:38:17 PM
Just remember, as I stated below, that usage could (read: almost certainly will eventually be) be very problematic for you for the reasons outlined in my prior post:

1 - you have absolutely no way of (reliably) accessing the device storage via USB with Rockbox. This will mean you cannot transfer any media to the device while Rockbox is running.

2 - If you ever boot the original firmware, be it accidentally or on purpose, the only way to boot Rockbox will be to flash the Rockbox bootloader again as it it impossible for you to reset the device (which would normally boot Rockbox).

3 - If Rockbox ever crashes or hangs, you will have no way of resetting the device.

I wish to make it clear that I do not recommend continuing to use Rockbox on this device due to the incredibly poor user experience you may (read: probably will) receive through the use of the Rockbox firmware on damaged hardware with no way of resetting the device, compounded by the fact that Rockbox currently has NO USB SUPPORT FOR THIS DEVICE.

I wish to make it clear also, that if you insert USB power on this device while Rockbox is running (in a powered ON state) due to the current state of USB on this device, the device almost certainly *will* panic and lock up - forcing you to wait for the battery to drain itself before you are able to reboot the device using USB power (applied to the device while OFF) and the "hold switch trick" described in my prior post.

I just wanted to make it absolutely clear that I do not support your choice to continue using Rockbox on this device, and that you almost certainly will have a bad experience with it that I do not want tainting your experience of this firmware.
If only USB was malfunctioning, or if only your clickwheel was defective, it would not be so bad. The combination of the two defects will at the very least make your experience "interesting".

Title: Re: !HELP! iPod nano 2nd gen checksum error.
Post by: ktulu on August 26, 2013, 05:53:18 AM
I understand your concern, but don't worry I already have very good expereience with rockbox, since i also have a 1st gen nano, and a second 2nd gen exactly like this one. All running rockbox fine.
Could you please clarify this? My other 2nd gen nano I can acces as a USB mass storage device without a problem. Altough only version 3.1. (3.13 freezes) The charging also works fine from both the USB port, and charger adapter.
Title: Re: !HELP! iPod nano 2nd gen checksum error.
Post by: [Saint] on September 02, 2013, 12:39:49 AM
Now that I see that you are using a truly ancient build, this makes sense now.

When I talk about what is or isn't supported, unless I state otherwise, I will be talking about either the current stable release (if present), or git head development builds.

My apologies for not clarifying what build is/was on your device(s).

The Nano 2G was dropped from the "stable" ports in 3.10 due to an (as yet undiscovered) bug which rendered USB on this device unusable. If you have USB functionality on this device presently, great, but unless you want to go through the nastiness I described in my prior posts I suggest you do not update it until such time as either the bug is fixed and the target is promoted to "stable" again, or you fix your clickwheel.