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Title: SOLVED 32,000 Song Limit on Playlist & Editing Config File
Post by: jeremydelgado11 on September 08, 2021, 12:23:33 PM
I am using rockbox on my ipod classic. Upgraded to flash memory for a 512 capacity and using the current dev version of rockbox since its supposed to be more stable for flash memory.

This question about 32,000 song limit on playlists was addressed here:,52337.msg242319.html#msg242319

I followed the instructions there and on the manual but when I reboot the ipod it keeps the noted limit of 32,000.

I did the fixed.cfg and noted on the file
max files in playlist: 60000

I also saved out the config file from the settings dialogue within rockbox and edited that cfg file as well.

I also went into settings under manage settings and selected the edited config file and nothing there either.

Nothing seems to stick for upping the value. So I must be making some obvious dumb mistake or this edit just isnt working.

End goal here is to have one playlist that I can shuffle all of my music on.
Title: Re: 32,000 Song Limit on Playlist & Editing Config File
Post by: jeremydelgado11 on September 08, 2021, 03:14:50 PM
Update! - After fussing around with this for some time again redoing the above and checking the setting it occurred to me that maybe the menu says the limit is still 32k while the change may have already been made. Lo and Behold the changes were actually made!

So the process is correct but if you like me go in and check graphical interface to verify the change is made it will appear that it is not changed when in fact it is. So - I can now go in and shuffle my 32k+ song library without any problems.

For me this is a huge deal because I have always wanted to get this. All of my stuff on one device on massive shuffle. I go on long runs and hikes so having the variety out of from years of mp3 library hoarding on my no-nonsense ipod is a dream come true.

All set. Thanks to the forum for having a great library of questions already answered. Just took me a bit of back and forth to figure out that it was actually changed.
Title: Re: SOLVED 32,000 Song Limit on Playlist & Editing Config File
Post by: philden on September 08, 2021, 11:30:29 PM
Thank you for posting this. I had given up trying to randomly select from the whole library, but this way works! It is quite quick to build the playlist even with over 90,000 songs. This is using a 7th Gen iPod Classic. I suspect models before 6/7 Gen would be slow.
Title: Re: SOLVED 32,000 Song Limit on Playlist & Editing Config File
Post by: philden on September 18, 2021, 05:00:06 PM
I have an observation from using this more. Making the big playlist the first time and then playing it is no problem. But if I shut down the iPod it takes a very long time to reload the playlist on next startup. The screen flickers a message about the % loaded, but it is very slow.

On this iPod I have around 60,000 songs. While I would like to pick randomly from all of them, it is very unlikely I'll actually play more than a few hundred before I change the library. When I add more music I'll want to regenerate the playlist so the new songs have a chance to be included.

I imagine that it is a common situation now that users have much bigger libraries than they are every likely to play through in between updates.

So I've been looking at the files on the iPod. I used 'select' over 'Tracks' to generate the list and chose 'insert random'. This makes the file '.playlist_control', but it is not in random order.

If I start playing, and then 'save current playlist', I do get a full list in random order.

Next I copied this to my Mac and used the unix 'split' command divide into lists of 16,000 songs. These do load quickly, and allow a very quick resumption of 'play' after turning on the iPod.

So, I'm wondering if it would be possible to add any of this into Rockbox? Either the option to generate a random list of all songs, but only keep the first 16,000 (or a configurable number)? Or to generate the list and then split it into a sequence of lists as I did manually?

Thanks for any thoughts...