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Title: bootloader for cf mod iriver h120
Post by: littlenick on March 07, 2010, 04:43:59 AM
I'm really being a nuisance-?
But the only version of the bootloader I can find is here in the manual:

But where can I find please the famous 7pre4 version required for cf-mod?
I want to do this manually as remeber getting stuck with rockbox utility.

Your help is appreciated- 

thanks, Tom

P.S. Is there a chance to get a 128GB CF card working in my iriver 120?
Any experiences so far?
Title: Re: bootloader for cf mod iriver h120
Post by: AlexP on March 07, 2010, 05:19:11 AM
It is here:

Please make sure to read all that page first.
Title: Re: bootloader for cf mod iriver h120
Post by: littlenick on March 10, 2010, 11:48:12 AM
Thank you so much for the link to download the 7pre4 bootloader!

Much of this is still above my skills/understanding.
But I'm trying.
If I understand it correctly the 7pre4 version of the bootloader enables my player to boot rockbox from flash.
If I remember it correctly (to tell the truth, I fumbled around 'til I finally I succeeded - quite astonished at myself) I managed to get Rockbox on my player using the firmware patcher. It brought me a bootloader version 6 into the firmware, which got into my player whith a firmware upgrade (sort of riding like a stowaway).
Obviously there is no firmware patcher that will patch the 7pre4 version into iriver's original firmware and carry that piggyback into my player's flash memory(?).
Now I need to upgrade my bootloader, which can be done using the iriver_flash plugin.
What I do not understand about the procedure described is:

Where will this plugin find the 7pre4 version on my player's/computer's harddrive?

After all - this version does not yet exist on my player.
Shouldn't I copy 7pre4 into my my player's root before starting the plugin?

Thank you for your patience!
Title: Re: bootloader for cf mod iriver h120
Post by: karashata on March 10, 2010, 04:01:09 PM
It doesn't look like it's entirely important where the file is stored on your player as long as it's on there. On that wiki page they tell you to make sure you have your file view set to "all" (from the main menu, go to settings -> General Settings -> File View and make sure to select "All"), then navigate to .rockbox (or wherever you choose to put the file), put the cursor over the file, press and hold the joystick, (navi), then select "Open With..." and select the iriver_flash plugin from the list.
Title: Re: bootloader for cf mod iriver h120
Post by: littlenick on March 11, 2010, 02:14:50 PM
So you are sure all it takes is to copy the new bootloader into the .rockbox folder on my player's hdd before running the iriver_flash plugin?
Then it will appear in list of subfolders such as: backdrops, codecs, codepages, docs, eqs... - no harm done putting it there?

By the way - I'm playing around with my h120 right now.
Put show files to "All", went back to "Files", put the cursor over .rockbox, pressed "navi" (long) and it gives me the following context menu:
Playlist Catalog
Delete Directory
Create Directory
Set As Recording Directory
Add to Shortcuts

But I cannot find the "Open With" function.
Nor can I find the iriver_flash plugin in the list of Plugins -> Applications or -> Demos;
Is it necessary to download this plugin seperately? Isn`t it supplied with rockbox firmware (I have version 3.5.1)?
Title: Re: bootloader for cf mod iriver h120
Post by: AlexP on March 11, 2010, 02:58:12 PM
.rockbox is a directory.  You need to open the context menu on the bootloader file.

This is detailed on the wiki page I linked.  Seeing as this is a dangerous procedure, I strongly recommend you read and understand all that page before doing anything.
Title: Re: bootloader for cf mod iriver h120
Post by: littlenick on March 13, 2010, 02:48:21 PM
I'm trying the first steps towards understanding this wiki-page before attemting anything serious, beg your pardon.

So I just wanted to have a look if I could find the current (!) bootloader inside .rockbox when everything is still an unchanged 3.5.1 version.
I wanted to do this:
"...Upgrading the bootloader
With the iriver_flash plugin it's possible to upgrade the bootloader inside Rockbox without using the original firmware at all. Bootloader version 7-pre3 or newer is required to load Rockbox directly from flash. The table at the end of this page contains a pre-release bootloader for H110/H115/H120/H140 players. The checksum is also verified internally by the iriver_flash plugin before flashing is possible so it shouldn't be possible to mess up the bootloader.
Bootloader Flashing Procedure:
After starting up the player;
•   Set "Show Files" to "All".
•   Through the Files entry in the Rockbox menu, navigate to the .rockbox directory, enter it and scroll down to bootloader.iriver,

But  - stupid me! - this procedure explains how finding the (new) bootloader after I copied it there - right?
The wiki page didn`t specifically tell me to copy the new bootloader into the .rockbox directory.
Just checking my version 3.5.1 rockbox directory will not show me any bootloader at all - not even the current one?!

And the iriver_flash plugin will be visible once I've copied bootloader 7pre4 into the copied it into .rockbox? Or is it a separate download?
Title: Re: bootloader for cf mod iriver h120
Post by: karashata on March 13, 2010, 03:49:53 PM
Assuming you copied the bootloader onto your player and put it into the .rockbox directory, you'll need to make sure your file view is set to "All" that way the directory will show up in the file browser. You'll then need to navigate to that directory, and inside you should see the file you copied over (whatever it happens to be named). Move your cursor or selector bar over that file, press and hold the button that brings up the context menu, select "Open With...", then move through that list until you see the item named "iriver_flash". Select that, and it should go through the rest of the procedure... (The details are on the wiki page.)

Really, you can't possibly spell it out any more specifically then that.
Title: Re: bootloader for cf mod iriver h120
Post by: littlenick on March 14, 2010, 09:27:49 AM
You're right !
I just became befuddled when I wanted to do a "dry run" before copying the new bootloader onto my player.
I became daring today and copied bootloader 7pre4 into the .rockbox directory - and then all the "open with" and "iriver_flash plugin" became visible.
Actually it's quite straightforward, thank you so much!
Still I refrained  from executing the last steps as I haven't got an adapter and CF-card yet to do the CF-mod.
I'm a bit nervous about this as there seems to be some uncertainty if all CF-cards are supported by rockbox bootloader (and if that 128GB CF-card just wasn't so expensive!).The only one I've found so far is this one, a
FILEMATE-128GB-UDMA-Compact-Flash-CF-Card, ca. EUR 355,45 (plus some import tax, I guess):;

No one has tried that one already -eh?
Title: Re: bootloader for cf mod iriver h120
Post by: karashata on March 14, 2010, 06:42:07 PM
There`s a list (possibly a little out-dated, but a list is a list) of known compatible cards here ( and a list of known incompatible cards here ( The incompatibility chart probably won't matter to you though since you have an iriver H120 and the only listed cards were incompatible with the iPod 5.5G.

Good luck with your endeavors when you get the card and adapter.
Title: Re: bootloader for cf mod iriver h120
Post by: Wolf on October 11, 2010, 04:57:05 PM
My RockBoxed h140 hard disk died recently, and taking the opportunity I decided to go to a solid state configuration, with a HD1.8-CF converter from DealExtreme and a Transcend 8GB 133x CF card.
Problem is that the bootloader in my h140 is v6, so I'm getting ATA -80 errors and the CF disk is not recognized. Booting from the iRiver stock firmware after a hard reset show a disk with 0 capacity and mangled disk structure.

Is there any way to flash out the latest v7-pre4 bootloader someway without a working hard disk?
Thanks, Wolf.