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Title: iPod Mini 2g - with 265MB CF - Rockbox behaving weird
Post by: quipu on October 28, 2006, 05:22:48 PM
Hi there!

I've had an iPod with a damaged HD. So i decided to take it apart and install a Compact Flash Card instead the Microdrive, which was not a big deal.

But i am running some Problems with Rockbox (btw latest cvs, bootloader 060404-0138) on the iPod.

Reset, Boot, select a Song, Play, Pause, Resume... no problem but sometimes, after skipping through Songs, goto Playlist, select new Song Rockbox keeps playing the previous song and displays `Loading...' all the time. Light is switching on touching the pad but nothing else is happening, I have to reboot it.

And occasionally it displays the `rockbox error accessing playlist control file' Error.

Is this because Rockbox accesses the Hardisk in an special Harddisk way (which isn't so comfortable for CF Cards or for Rockbox thinking it uses a HD)?

Or has someone a clue who is fammiliar with the source? I haven't RTFS now, but if there are ways to get Rockbox working well with CF Cards, i'm pleased to help.

thanks and gtx qp!

PS: Yes... Rockbox! 10000 Thanks to all out there who are doing a great job in let me my Player using in that way i wanted... and use every damned pixel of this screen :D