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Title: Drive Swap Question
Post by: tspoon on February 25, 2006, 03:49:01 AM
 I have just purchased a new 80gb hdd, which I put in my v1. No problems there. I then decided to use the old 20gb in my Studio Player, which had a 10gb. I put the 20gb in a usb2 enclosure and unzipped a recent daily build, after deleting the v1 rockbox setup.
 The studio does not complete bootup. The player is flashed with bootbox. The fault it comes up with is 'No Files', yet the files are all there. After coming up with 'No Files' the red hdd LED flashes and there is no response to any button press.
 I suspect that the settings saved on the first sectors of the hdd are not what the player rockbox build expects and this causes the problem. Is this correct or is there another cause here?
 If so, is there some disc utility I can use to transfer the settings off the old 10gb drive and onto the 'new' 20gb drive.