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Title: Downloaded themes wont show up
Post by: kratos97 on December 17, 2019, 04:24:54 AM
What Are The Differences Between Bagless Vacuum Cleaner And Bagged Machine?

What is the fundamental difference between a bagless vacuum cleaner and a bagged machine?

While the bagged vacuum cleaner traps the dirt into a replaceable bag, the bagless model traps dirt and debris in a dirt cup or chamber.

If you want to discover more differences between these top rated vacuums, please take a look at the content below:

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1. Bagged vacuum cleaner

The bagged vacuum cleaner requires you to throw away the bag filled with dirt and dust, then replace a new one. It's not hard to change a new bag. Especially, these items are not expensive.

However, this may be inconvenient for some people because they must check the bag regularly. In this case, you can consider a model designed with an indicator light, which lets you know when the bag is full.



There is no need to contact with dust and debris in the bag directly. What you have to do is only slip out the filled bag to throw it away, then replace a new one.

The bagged vacuums won't create a major mess because it's very difficult for dust in the bag to wind up back on the surface of your house and in your face.

It requires less maintenance.


Let's discover some reasons below:

First of all, the filters are integrated into the bag, so it's not essential to clean the filters.

Next, a bag is able to keep more dirt and dust than a bagless counterpart, resulting in dumping the dirt less often.


Using the bagged vacuum cleaner is not an eco-unfriendly solution. Even you use the bags made from paper; they contain a lot of unrecyclable materials.

The bagged vacuum cleaner requires you spend a large amount of money on buying new bags. And you just can use each bag only one time, then toss them. Over time, this is a big waste.

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2. Bagless vacuum cleaner

Forgetting to empty the bagless vacuum cleaner is no longer a problem because of a clear view of the dirt and debris.

According to the best vacuum cleaner reviews, some machines require you brush, wash, fully dry, even completely replace filters after some uses. For some models, emptying the dirt cup can create a mess.



The bagless vacuum cleaner is an environmentally friendly product because of the reusable filters.

With this type of model, there is no need to purchase bags, so that you can save a lot of money.


This vacuum cleaner is not an ideal choice for allergy sufferers because dust and dirt usually billow back out of the cup, directly contacting users.

It takes you more time to clean and dry the bagless cups carefully. What's more, it's faster for a cup to be filled compared to a bag.

In general, both bagless and bagged vacuum cleaners have their own benefits and drawbacks. Thus, you should pick up ( Top best vacuum cleaners ( based on your demands. Which one can meet your requirements? Just answer and make a purchase.
Title: Re: Downloaded themes wont show up
Post by: Slogra on December 18, 2019, 08:52:15 AM
What is your question?

Do you want to report an issue with the installer?

Or do you want the theme to work?
A theme should at least have a cfg file, i suspect that is missing. It should be here: .rockbox/themes/literal.cfg
Download it manually and see if it works that way.