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Should You Drain Your Cooler?

Have you ever had this problem?

Ice will melt the water in the best cooler.

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What should you do in this case? Keep the water or drain it?

Before answering this question, take a look at some views on the subject:


Why shouldn't you drain?

Be sure that ice doesn't melt in the water completely. In this case, the food and drink in the water can stay as cold as the water.

However, this is a big problem if you want to keep your content near frozen.

Without draining, your ( Top Rated Coolers For Camping ( can work well as refrigerators to store everything at 40 degrees. This cooling level is enough to keep your sandwich meat from cultivating bacteria, sodas from being warm, chocolate from melting, and milk from spoiling.

Compared to the empty air, cold water surrounding the contents can stay cool longer. In the empty air, your food and drink are warmer quickly.

Why should you drain?

Drain the water from your ice chest regularly, if you don't wrap your slices of cheese individually or you have bread bags without twist ties.

In case you usually move your cooler place to place, the added weight of the water makes the whole model bulkier. Thus, the contents and water inside can cause a mess.

When the raw meat and other spillage contaminate the water in your cooler, draining the water, emptying and washing your cooler is a must. Even if possible, you had better rinse the outside of the content thoroughly.

Do you prepare another extra amount of ice?

If yes, you had better drain the water to refill your cooler with ice, which melts faster in water.


Tips to keep your food and drink cold longer

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Drain the best ice cooler, if your raw meat contaminates the water inside or when you prepare a lot of ice to refill. And keep it inside when you don%u2019t have much ice, but you need to keep your food cold at 40 degrees.

Will you drain or wont you drain your cooler? Dont hesitate to leave your comment below.