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Title: Complete Newb, Needs Help--
Post by: emilymonster on March 05, 2008, 11:34:37 AM
Pardon my naivety, i have been searching the forums, faq and manuals all morning and cannot for the life of me figure out what to do.

I have Rockbox installed on my 4th Gen iPod Color
i loaded it onto the iPod ((Really a friend who uses Rockbox loaded it for me)) from a windows based OS.  It works like a dream with my computer at work, which has no problem reading the iPod like a big USB storage device.

I recently purchased an iMac ((OS X)) and tried to connect my iPod to it so that i could copy my songs from the iPod onto the iMac.  The first time i tried to connect the iPod to the computer, the iPod booted into apple's firmware.  It froze iTunes and since the iMac didn't recognize the device i had to disconnect without properly stopping it.  I then was able to get the ipod to boot into the Rockbox feature and tried connecting it.  It gives the little USB image screen then goes to it's own 'do not disconnect' screen but my iMac still doesn't acknowledge that a USB 'storage' device is hooked up to it.

I have Version r14444-070823 of Rockbox and it hasn't been updated.  
Do i have to download drivers onto the iMac to get them to talk to each other?  The iMac doesn't acknowledge the iPod if it is connected while booted into the apple firmware either.  I have left it 'connected' in each case for about ten minutes each time.  Is my problem because i am trying to use an iMac after using windows to load Rockbox onto it?  Do i have to reinstall or something?  Is there a way to do this without loosing the 16GB of songs i have on the iPod currently?  i am at an utter loss.  It works okay with most computers i connect it to, can go back and forth between different Windows and Linux OS's and builds, but gives me issues, it seems, when i try and connect it to a computer that uses iTunes as it's primary audio file managing program.  Is it as simple as downloading a different client, like Winamp or GOM or something?

Thanks to anyone who might be able to point me in the right direction, I appreciate your help immensely.  


-Miss Emily
Title: Re: Complete Newb, Needs Help--
Post by: LambdaCalculus on March 05, 2008, 12:06:08 PM
Here's a few suggestions to try out:

1) Firstly, update your Rockbox build. r14444 is quite old, and we've made many, many improvements since then. You can do an update by simply clicking the "current build" link over on the left, and downloading the build for your iPod color. You can do this from another machine if your iPod isn't working with your iMac. Make sure to unzip the file to the root folder of the iPod; you should have a .rockbox folder in there (note that the . is important!); unzip it to the same level and overwrite the current folder.

2) On your iMac, try changing the settings of iTunes so it will not automatically detect iPods. This will stop iTunes from starting whenever you connect your iPod to the Mac.

3) You can use any music manager program you want, but most of us here simply like copying our music files straight to our devices, and managing the files ourselves. But feel free to use whatever makes you feel comfy. ;)

As an added note, Rockbox can be loaded from any OS you choose, and still work with any OS; the installation is independent of the OS. An example: I performed an install of Rockbox to my iPod video from my Linux box, and can still use it on my Windows machine at work, and on my iMac G3.

If you need any extra help, consult the manual (link on the left as well), and our wiki, or just come back and reply to this thread again.
Title: Re: Complete Newb, Needs Help--
Post by: emilymonster on March 05, 2008, 12:26:27 PM
Thanks for your suggestions,  i will try my hand at it when i get home from work tonight.  Wish me luck!
Title: Re: Complete Newb, Needs Help--
Post by: LambdaCalculus on March 05, 2008, 12:36:47 PM
Good luck!  ;)
Title: Re: Complete Newb, Needs Help--
Post by: emilymonster on March 06, 2008, 01:23:44 AM
Okay, so; i told iTunes not to sync to the iPod and so forth, and now when i connect it to the computer, it goes to the 'do not disconnect' screen and then blinks immediately into 'ok to disconnect.'

i tried connecting it when booted into apple's firmware and also a no go on connecting.  It didn't even acknowledge that it was plugged into the USB. Currently i have it booted into rockbox and it goes to the little picture of a USB plug/receiver and freezes there.  Tomorrow i am going to have my friend do a complete reinstall after backing my music and pictures up--  I guess i will be back if i have any further issues...

Thanks for being so prompt!  If there is one thing i have learned with software like this developed by people like y'all it would be that nothing beats talking to someone who is willing to listen, understand and then help sometimes walk you through it.  ^_^  

Peace and Be Well!

-Miss Emily
Title: Re: Complete Newb, Needs Help--
Post by: ki on March 06, 2008, 04:14:53 AM
As LambdaCalculus379 said, you should probably try updating your rockbox firmware since that might just 'automatically' fix the problem.
It's really easy to do. Just copy the new .rockbox folder onto the root of your ipod overwriting the old .rockbox folder and files.
It only overwrites the rockbox firmware itself, so it shouldn't affect your music or settings or anything else on your ipod.

But you should probably do a backup anyway, just to be safe :)
Title: Re: Complete Newb, Needs Help--
Post by: MarcGuay on March 06, 2008, 07:48:47 AM
For the record, there's currently no point in plugging in to USB while Rockbox is running, as it simply doesn't work right now.  If you're going to connect it to your computer, it's going to be using the Apple firmware.  

There's some info on this page that might help you troubleshoot other problems: