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Title: Rockboy Palette issue
Post by: rogueKlyntar on May 18, 2020, 12:43:41 PM
I know there is some issue with the palette; is that why nothing happens when I select/change palettes, and why the color is not right  for GBC?

EDIT: I noticed that sometimes when opening the viewer or occasionally even when resuming from the Rockboy menu, the colors are momentarily the right ones, and then they revert to the usual wrong ones. Changing the selected palette under Options does nothing at all as far as I can tell. In case it matters, while I obviously can't say what all the colors that should appear actually come out as, I do know that golden yellow (think Augumon) comes out as a slightly darker shade of Spyro purple.

Plz fix this. It's a pain when somebody in a game tells me to do something having to donwith colors. (I know nobody's reading this but idc) Thx.