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Title: Rockbox Utility SVN binaries
Post by: bluebrother on January 03, 2010, 02:02:02 PM
Right now we don't support SVN binaries of Rockbox Utility, and disencourage using SVN. Testing the code in SVN thus requires building yourself, which requires some development knowledge.

I've uploaded binaries from current SVN and are planning to update those every now and then. If you want to try bleeding edge features you can use those binaries. Beware that those binaries are simply built from SVN an can be broken or even mess up your player. There will be no support for SVN binaries here. However, if you find issues please open an issue in the Tracker ( using "Rbutil SVN" as version and "Rbutil" as category. You can also post issues in this thread. Please make sure to always include the revision number as part of the filename when reporting issues (the About dialog is wrong for SVN builds).

Please check also the ChangeLog ( for Rockbox Utility before using SVN binaries.

Get the SVN builds here: (Windows: zip file, Mac OS: dmg, Linux: tar.bz2). There is no separate source package, you can get the sources from SVN with the revision number as stated in the packages.
Title: Re: Rockbox Utility SVN binaries
Post by: Bagder on January 03, 2010, 02:21:42 PM
cool, just in case you want to and have enough admin rights on the box: I wouldn't mind handing out a new name for you in the domain for this, like perhaps or similar...