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Title: Option to resume where u left off in any file (book/podcast),without bkmrk lists
Post by: zenji on October 07, 2010, 10:23:04 AM

Be great to have an option to have this occur (especially for audiobooks):

Whichever individual file you play, it will automatically resume wherever you left off
...without having to go through lists of bookmarks

or have a separate folder for each song.

So you retain the power of multiple bookmarks,
but get the simplicity of restarting your listening wherever you left off
with one click.


Perhaps more flexibility could be added with:

1. When you click on the audio file it ASKS you
whether you want to resume or start from the beginning:
you answer with just one click.

2. It only does this one-bookmark-auto-resume for files put in the audiobooks folder

Both of these are features of the Sansa Clip,
which is very popular with listeners of podcasts and audiobooks.

This is  useful for MANY users. Eg:

1. For podcasts - which sensibly go in the one folder for each show

2. For audiobooks. Sometimes you want to jump between different files in the same folder - eg. non-fiction.

3. Uni lectures.

Why the current implementation is cumbersome for many users:

An example:

For my uni lectures I have three folders:


In each of them might be 5 lectures.

I want to be able to simply click on a lecture and have it resume wherever I left off.

Right now, this can only be done in a cumbersome way:

Let's say I'm in the psychology folder. I want to play a lecture from where I left off.

My attempt to do this will have one of two results:

- it will automatically resume only ONE bookmark from that whole folder
...that means that 80% of the time it won't even play the right lecture !
(Or podcast...audiobook file...)
- i have to go down a long list of bookmarks, which is confusing:
especially when many lectures have names that are just dates (eg. 2010-10-07.mp3)

Help for students and people retraining to try to get better jobs

This would really help time-strapped students of all ages
 who need to listen to lectures while commuting to work and doing chores.

It's much easier to start listening to a lecture even when you're tired,
if you can start where you left off with just one click.

Plus podcast and audiobook listeners...

If you'd like to have the option
to automatically resume at the last place for all (speech) files,
or can see how it will help others
please voice your support and constructive suggestions.

Title: Re: Option to resume where left off in any file (book/podcast),without bkmrk lists
Post by: Llorean on October 07, 2010, 11:32:51 AM
Again, can you type out what exactly distinguishes this from "single bookmark per file, prompted on file load to resume?"

Also, "u" isn't a real word and shouldn't be used in posts or topics, as per the forum guidelines. It's strongly recommended that you familiarize yourself with them.
Title: Re: Option to resume where u left off in any file (book/podcast),without bkmrk lists
Post by: sideral on November 11, 2010, 03:13:16 AM
I have an experimental patch that implements this feature.  Please have a look at: