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Title: 7pre4 bootloader - no "iriver flash" option on context menu
Post by: captain swing on July 15, 2015, 10:56:27 AM
I am attempting to upgrade my venerable h340 with a new KingSpec 128Gb SDD.
From reading around this excellent site, I see that it's do-able, and I am reading and learning assiduously.

So, I am trying to change the bootloader to 7pre4. This should, I understand, boot rockbox from ROM / RAM, disable the iRiver fw and give me a shot at using the new SDD. I am doing all this with a 60Gb Toshiba hard-drive that is fine and been going for years. I am using rb3.11 and the 1.29J hex. I figure that once I have done this, I can insert my new, correctly formatted drive.

The problem is that when I navigate to to the new bootloader file, there is no flash option on the context menu, as suggested in the how-tos ( eg - ). Not being a specialist, this has thrown me off. I have looked through the forums and not found anything on this. Can anyone tell me what's up?