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Title: e280 recovery mode problem
Post by: yoelfv on February 24, 2011, 08:28:13 AM
Hi everyone:

I have a problem with my e280. When I turn my player on it stucks on the "updating database" message and after a while it resets itself and comes back to this message in an endless loop.

I'm triying to fix it using the firmware update instructions but I'm having a problem with the recovery mode. When it comes to the step where I hold the REC button and connect it to my PC, my player shows the messages:

Welcome to recovery mode
USB cable connected
Enter USB2.0 MSD mode
Safe to Disconect USB
Exit USB2.0 MSD mode
Upgrade finished
Resetting the system

And that's all. If I keep holding the REC button it restarts over and over again showing the same messages and if I release REC it restarts anyway and shows:

Key locked
System shutdown

It doesn't stop and show the 16MB drive as it is supposed to, so I can't do anything further.

Please help. What can I do?