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Title: H10 startup strange...
Post by: Moonshine_Creek on December 28, 2008, 06:06:22 PM
Hi everyone,
I'm new to Rockbox, and my Iriver H10. 20GB
I bought it with a system file error, and took the (broken) hard drive out, replacing it with a zif to CF adapter from ebay, and a 16GB Kingston Elite Pro 133x CF card.

After battling to find the original firmware, and working out how to get the Iriver updater to see it, I have got the original firmware and Rockbox up and working - well done everyone involved - it is brilliant!
I started on r19595
I'm currently using r19605

It fires up fine everytime, shuts down ok etc, until I leave it for a day or so, and then it says something about a checksum error, and file not found, pauses, then switches off.
I have to paperclip reset it to work again where it says finding key.
It still boots into the original firmware, but I have to use a paperclip on the reset button before it will boot rockbox again (even if I don't go into the OF) - although I don't have reinstall anything.

Has anyone else had this problem? and more to the point, does anyone know how to solve this?  I hunted around, but cant see any similar posts.

I wanted to give it to my parents to record their live music, but i cant risk it refusing to boot - I live 350miles from them and they are not really technically minded.

I have also noticed that when I'm recording, I have to double click the stop button to get it to stop recording, and not single click, and even then it takes some persuading to get it back to the main menu - but I guess that is a different post...

Any help would be very much appreciated

Title: Re: H10 startup strange...
Post by: karashata on December 29, 2008, 02:08:20 PM
I'm not sure how you figure the hard drive was broken unless it wasn't showing up when you connected it to your computer, or you couldn't access it at all if it did show up. If you could access it, you may have tried reinstalling the firmware first to make sure that it wasn't just a matter of someone having formatted the device and forgetting to reinstall the firmware...

Anyway, that aside, I don't know of anyone here who owns an H10 20GB who's swapped out the drive for a CF card (or, for that matter, anyone who's swapped out the drive at all, though that may be more likely... I could be wrong though...), but hopefully someone might have an idea why that happens.
Title: Re: H10 startup strange...
Post by: Moonshine_Creek on December 30, 2008, 08:00:36 AM
Hi Karashata,

The hard drive was being weird - I could see it, but Windows couldn't format it out of RAW data mode, so I took it out of the H10 to run some analysis on it, and to be sure it wasn't just a broken H10 causing the problems, and found that it had bad sectors - and (more to the point) one on the boot sector.
 I ran several low level formatting utils and a magnetising correction util through Windows and then through Linux, but got nowhere with it. I tested it pretty thoroughly.

I recognise a dead hard drive when I see one - and am not rich enough to just throw them away without being pretty sure!!

Anyway - with the CF adapter installed I have had no real problems except this..

Here is the startup screen text (as its just done it again..)

ahh... it did it once, then switched itself off, and I didn't get chance to copy it.

Although I didn't press the reset button, the second time I switched it on, it booted fine, so i will have to wait a 12 or so hours before trying again - by the way, I'm not recharging it each time, and the battery is already well charged

Hmmm weird...

Is there an boot error log stored anywhere so I can read these messages?

Anyone else any ideas?
Title: Re: H10 startup strange...
Post by: karashata on December 30, 2008, 12:35:57 PM
Fair enough, I suppose one would try everything before assuming a drive was dead...

I hope you can figure this out, sorry I can't really be of any assistance.