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Title: H320 CFMod and bootloader
Post by: gexaman on April 04, 2009, 08:46:12 PM
Hey, I guess it may be interesting for somebody...
My H320 didn't work well with newer bootloaders (all the custom ones above version 5), so I decided to upgrade it to CompactFlash, so I bought a card (32GB Kingston elite pro x133 from Newegg) and the adapter.
Now, I tried the bootloader from this page:  (r16446M-080228)
Also I tried bootloaders from this thread: (080904)
from this web-page: (r17607M-080525 and r16184M-080130)
and, also, another one, given me by user pondlife (thanks) - ( r18818M - from oct'08)
Now, the results:
All of them sometimes work  ;D
They start correctly maybe 2 times of 3.
1/3 of a time bootloader stuck after showing the version and the voltage,
or sometimes shows error:
And only pressing reset button helps.
Now, the one from CFMod page (r16446M-080228) works the most reliably. Much better than any other one mentioned here. But if I connect the power cord to it when its off, (and this was the main reason I wanted the upgrade since v5 boots the iRiver stock firmware in this case) it also stucks somewhere in the bootloader.
But the good thing is, if it's loaded it works perfectly.
Title: Re: H320 CFMod and bootloader
Post by: gexaman on April 14, 2009, 01:51:51 PM
After a week trying I have to admit r16446M-080228 works OK until you connect it to DC while turned off. V5 bootloader would load iRiver firmware, this one tries to load Rockbox but fails in over 50% cases. If you just manually turn it on it usually loads Rockbox OK (for some reason, chanses are better if you also unplug DC cord while it's loading, even though the adapter is powered off). It stuck couple times last week though but it may have been because of the battery was almost empty, who knows. Reset helps. Of course V5 bootloader pretty much never showed me "illegal operation" message.
Title: Re: H320 CFMod and bootloader
Post by: gexaman on June 26, 2009, 03:14:33 PM
I continue using H320 with Flash Card, using bootloader from CFModGuide page.
I have to carry a pin with the player because it halts often when bootloader starts.
Especially it can happen after it was off for a while, and especially often it happens when it is turned on by hooking up a DC power adapter.
Then it either switches to bootloader usb mode, or loads Rockbox, or stucks.
Title: Re: H320 CFMod and bootloader
Post by: ej0rge on July 19, 2009, 06:21:31 PM
Your experience, wrt lockups and failure to boot, is unusual. Almost everybody doesn't have these problems.

So i suspect that perhaps you have a hardware problem. The H300 charging circuit is unfortunately notoriously fragile.