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Title: Problems with Database repetition and Album Art display on Sansa e260
Post by: madagascaradam on June 23, 2008, 01:15:22 PM
Hi, I'm new to rockbox, and I just recently downloaded it for my Sansa e260.  I've been playing around with it for a few days and have manage to figure out a lot of it, but I've got 2 big problems (that seem like bugs) that I haven't worked through yet.

I have rockbox version: r17745-080621

1)  Database problems.  This is the most important of the two.  It seems my database is duplicating all my song file listings, so now I've got like 4-5 listings for each individual song.  That's really annoying, obviously.  I'm not sure how to change it.  I've even tried the "initialize now" thing written about in the manual since it's supposed to remove database files and restart from scratch, but it doesn't seem to get rid of the duplicates.

2) Album art.  I've downloaded a lot of the different themes to try to use and I'm specifically interested in the themes that display album art.  I found the page here where it talks about how to label your album art files to make them readable by the WPS screens and since I've downloaded several different WPS themes, I intend to save the album art files in several different sizes, according to the naming conventions mentioned.

Here's the problem:

I decided to try just one album art size to begin with, to make sure the whole thing works.  Saving the file as "cover.bmp" in the track directory seems to work just fine.  So does saving it as "cover.100x100.bmp".  But I want to be able to save the files in the /.rockbox/albumart/    directory so that I can more easily keep track of them and don't have to mess with finding the different art files in the different folders.  However, when I try the other naming conventions, they don't seem to work.

Example:  The band name is "500 Miles to Memphis", the album is "Sunshine in a Shotglass".  I've tried "sunshineinashotglass.bmp", "Sunshine in a Shotglass.bmp" "sunshine_in_a_shotglass.bmp" and each of those with the "*.100x100.bmp" on it too.  Also, that was all in the same directory as the track playing.  However, none of them seem to be recognized when I go back to the MP3 player and play the song.  Only the "cover.bmp" seems to be recognized.  When I tried the "500 Miles to Memphis-Sunshine in a Shotglass.bmp" in the "/.rockbox/albumart/" directory it didn't work either.

Anyway, can you guys help me with either of these problems?  I'm especially concerned about the database duplication because that's incredibly annoying.  I'd like to be able to use the naming conventions mentioned on the Rockbox website so I can organize my albumart better, but even if I can't get that to work, I can always just do the "cover.bmp" stuff.  So please help any way you can.

Title: Re: Problems with Database repetition and Album Art display on Sansa e260
Post by: Llorean on June 23, 2008, 01:21:02 PM
1) Have you checked to make sure the files really aren't present multiple times, for example in the recycle bin? The best way is to add the duplicates to a playlist, then view the playlist to see if they're duplicate files, or just happen to be files with duplicate tags.

2) Make sure that the strings match, exactly, character for character, the ones in the tags on the files.
Title: Re: Problems with Database repetition and Album Art display on Sansa e260
Post by: madagascaradam on June 23, 2008, 02:27:27 PM
Thanks for responding Llorean!

1) The files definitely aren't present multiple times.  I just filled my MP3 player FULL of MP3s the other day and there definitely wouldn't be enough room to have each of those songs 4-5 times.  Not only that, but I watched the files duplicate, so-to-speak.  Each time I rebooted the MP3 player (trying to see if my changes to the album art filename worked), there would be one more of each song.

2) What do you mean by the "strings" matching?  What does that mean?  I looked at the "tags" that show up when you hover your mouse over it and the album name was definitely the same, it didn't have any weird numbers or anything in it.  One question I had is whether or not upper or lowercase characters affected it.  And are spaces in a title replaced by "_" underscores or are they left or are they all run together?

Any more help would be appreciated.  Thanks!

EDIT:   has no one else run into this?  It's REALLY annoying, but no one else seems to have responded so far!

EDIT:   It's definitely a rockbox database bug.  I rebooted it in the original sansa firmware and after it finally refreshed its database it showed all the right music, nothing duplicated, just one track of every song.

I even updated to the r17765-080623 build and it didn't help any.

Does no one seriously have any idea how to deal with this?  I would've though that simply initializing my database would've at least made the old info go away, but it hasn't at all.

EDIT:  Finally!  I may have figured something out!  I turned off the "Gather Runtime Data" option, then I re-initialized the database and it seems to have gotten rid of all those extra songs.  Apparently wherever rockbox gathers runtime data it stores info on the songs that the database picks up as extra songs, thus my duplication problem.

Anyway, I'd still like any help anyone can give me on the proper titling of album art so that I can store it in the "albumart" directory and make that work.

Please let me know if more specific info about an album title or artist name or IDV3 tags would help you guys help me figure this out.  Thanks!
Title: Re: Problems with Database repetition and Album Art display on Sansa e260
Post by: Chronon on June 23, 2008, 07:02:45 PM
1) I just noticed a similar problem on my Sansa.  When I insert an album into a playlist and view it all of the copies point to the same file.  There are currently 9 entries for each song on the album that I inserted.  Some others have 10 or 11.  Initializing the database does not change the count that I see.  Deleting the database and initializing from scratch does produce the correct count.

2) "Space" is a character.  Don't replace it with a different one.  Don't change case either as those are not the same character.  This is working fine on my Gigabeat