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Title: A beginner starts to build...
Post by: Heriver on August 01, 2007, 01:01:08 PM
I have installed CygWin and compiling the first build.
Later i have try using the Roolku RTC enable from the Configure-menu H120/140
Then i study the REP-patch from Mmmm and apply it to the source.

Then i have removed completly the rockbox dir and started with, SVN!
Right after that, i've make 2 build dir's one for the REP, build-rep
and one for the RTC and REP, this would be build-rtcrep.
After this i invoke the REP-patch and for the the RTC i've enable the RTC option.
First SVN-build attemp works well
(wel some note's about the hunk's that been corrected succesfully with the Patch command).
Later i've tryed the command  SVN update.
After this i did not repeat the  Patch  command or even the RTC enabled again.
I invoked directly the  make  command.
I've noticed that after the update, compiling goes faster!

With the help of Wiki and self study,
i don't understand Linux, i do only what i must do (or not to do).

But for now, it works, in the future i'm not sure.
Because what happens if the svn source and the REP (to old) option wouldn't patch?
My question about this is, must i wait for the a correct REP patch or the SVN source,
or even must go back in time/date with SVN, or clean-up?
A better option would be i'll guess if the complete REP-Patch would be committed!?