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Title: Samsung YP-R0 ROM choice
Post by: armpowered on March 15, 2022, 07:05:48 AM
Having used Rockbox on Sansa Clip Zip players for years, I recently discovered the Samsung YP-R0 as a potential Rockbox player, so I found/bought one and was impressed by the build quality (I've now bought a second one, both are in virtually as-new condition apart from tired batteries).

I initially tried the 2 modded ROMs that can be found and settled on the Modfirm v2.51 dualboot version but wanted to see if I could patch the ROM myself - partly to avoid the Tux splash screen, as one player is destined for a non-technical friend. The instructions in the wiki got me nowhere, then I read the README file in rockbox/utils/ypr0tools and managed to patch the ROM by removing references to the R1/cable detect patch in the Makefile. Using the original makefile results in an error about "arm-ypr0-linux-gnueabi-" not being found, should that be "arm-rockbox-linux-gnueabi-", if not then with the current sources what should it be (I am very much an amateur at this!)?

Anyway, I have 2 issues with the ROM;

1 Using newly self-patched, I can't set the date/time from rockbox, when rebooting the setting is lost (does it try to write some offset value somewhere?).

2 Using v2.51 I get lower battery life than with the newly patched ROM.

One player gets about 27 hours with newly patched ROM but only 17 with v2.51, the other player (which started at 4 hours when I received it) does 30 hours compared to 19 hours on v2.51. I've tried (just guessing) copying cpu governor lines from (used by stock patched ROM) into (used by 2.51) but that made no difference.

I'd prefer to use the self-patched version (removing TUX), does anyone know how to get time setting to stick?


Does anyone know how to get the same battery life from the v2.51 ROM as newly self-patched?

Thanks, any help would be appreciated.
Title: Re: Samsung YP-R0 ROM choice
Post by: Thew on March 15, 2022, 08:20:33 AM
I’ve got a Rockboxed Samsung YP R0 which I brought new when it first came out. The only thing I’ve done is to change the option in the bootl.cfg file to disable the dual bootloader display so it boots directly into Rockbox and changed the TIMEBL setting to decrease the delay. I’ve also done my own UI to suit my needs.
I get about 12 hours now. I did fit a new battery some years ago but it was poor quality and it quickly became so bad that I replaced the original. I don’t use it much these days.
Title: Re: Samsung YP-R0 ROM choice
Post by: Thew on March 15, 2022, 09:48:23 AM
I  don’t know if this is relevant as it’s always baffled me. I also have a Rockboxed Samsung YP R1 the successor to the R0 (the Rockbox project was never finished and a lot of features don’t work but it works well for Audio Books).
At first I couldn’t get the Time Setting to stick until I discovered that it only remembered it if I set it with the headphones disconnected. I’ve no idea why the headphones have anything to do the Time Setting but it works.
Title: Re: Samsung YP-R0 ROM choice
Post by: armpowered on March 15, 2022, 03:51:18 PM
Thanks but that (headphones) doesn't seem to make any difference. I'm poking around in decrypted versions of the ROM (2.51 vs newly patched), in particular decompressed "cramfs-fsl.rom", to see if I can find the reason but haven't found the solution yet (not really knowing what I'm doing!).
Title: Re: Samsung YP-R0 ROM choice
Post by: armpowered on May 25, 2022, 09:49:10 AM
I eventually found a way to get the clock to work correctly by editing rockbox/utils/ypr0tools/files/common/etc/profile before building the custom ROM, adding "hwclock -s" near the end to give;

#   sleep 5
    hwclock -s

This seems weird to me, from what I read, I would have thought it should be hwclock -w ?

I also managed to make enough changes to the process, to enable the building of the default custom ROM from current sources and tools. Is there a way to have the changes I found necessary added to the source - I am in no way knowledgeable about the process, I just gathered together what I could find by searching and guessing!