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Title: Sansa e200 remap wheel navigation
Post by: rpgeha on April 08, 2021, 06:09:23 PM
 I don’t understand why it’s impossible to reassign wheel scrolling to sansa e200. (A long time ago a man asked about this, but he was not explained - If instead of scrolling to the right or left, you can replace it with the down or up buttons to select audio files, this will make the device easier for the visually impaired.

The problem is that the wheel is too sensitive. I tried to adjust the scroll delay in different ways,
scroll speed,
scroll step in the config file, but this does not give an adequate result.

I want to turn off file navigation with the wheel altogether and replace it with up and down buttons.

Below you can see what I replaced. But after that, the player does not respond to the up or down button. Navigation doesn't work that way. Somewhere, something in the code gets in the way. Perhaps somehow roughly tied to the wheel. I cannot find this place in the code yet. Perhaps you know what the problem is?

    { ACTION_STD_PREV,        BUTTON_SCROLL_BACK,                BUTTON_NONE },
    { ACTION_STD_NEXT,        BUTTON_SCROLL_FWD,                 BUTTON_NONE },

    { ACTION_STD_PREV,                  BUTTON_UP,                         BUTTON_NONE },
    { ACTION_STD_NEXT,                  BUTTON_DOWN,                       BUTTON_NONE },
Title: Re: Sansa e200 remap wheel navigation
Post by: fox on May 09, 2022, 01:09:20 AM
I'd also like to know. I have a sansa with a broken scroll wheel and just installed rockbox today only to find out I can't use it. That was so anti-climactic...