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Title: H340 fails to boot 'results -1'
Post by: RubberSideUp on September 09, 2008, 01:47:42 PM
Ok guys, just upgraded the firmware on my H340 last night. and *really* wish i'd left it.

The player turns on, and starts loading as normal, but then says 'results -1' and then turns off. HDD makes a click noise too.

The player wont even boot into the original firmware, it still says the same thing.

Plugged the system into usb, and i get the 'bootloader USB mode' message come up, but nothing appears on the pc. it would appear to be a bug thats been reported before.

Any help would be much appreciated. i really dont want to hear i've killed it, i only just fitted a new battery!

Cheers.  :-[

EDIT: Found this: and it would appear to have fixed the problem. for now at least.