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Title: Rong string is voiced in Greek
Post by: Agent Golder on May 22, 2017, 11:32:45 AM
Hello all.
After I have created a voice file with Rockbox utility in Greek language with every Sapi5 speech engine I try for the Sansa Clip+, and moving through some menus the rong string is voiced!
For example
In FM radio menu I hear "Force mono (Εξαναγκασμός μονοφωνικού ήχου)" instead of "Preset", "FM radio menu (μενού ραδιοφώνου FM)" instead of "Recording settings",
In System\Rockbox info\ I hear "Disc size (μέγεθος δίσκου)" instead of "Batary level".
In Settings I hear "Not present (μη υπαρκτή)" instead of "LCD settings" etc.
This however doesn't happen with the default Greek voice it had when I receeved it. With this, it only remains silent on some english (not translated strings). That file has been created on January 8, 2015, (don't know with which method)...
As you may know, I can only use the latest version 1.40 of Rockbox utility because with the older 1.2.13 it stops to "Downloading voice info..." when trying to creat a voice file and with the recent ones except the latest it crashes after selecting the device in configuration..
What's happening? Has this to do with my own PC or are really translation errors?
Can I do something or can you fix them?
Best regards.