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Title: A question
Post by: AlanWright on April 22, 2019, 01:28:58 AM
How to Choose a Robot Vacuum

Here in 2019, a robot vacuum cleaner is not a new thing for us. The fact is that a robot vacuum cleaner is now a better choice over a traditional vacuum cleaner.

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A robot vacuum cleaner can automatically work so it will save your time spent on cleaning tasks. This makes it an ideal solution for the disabled and elderly. In the market, we can see a lot of robot vacuum cleaner brands. They provide many kinds of products with many functions. Our work is to find out the right robot vacuum cleaner for our house. Here are some tips for you when choosing a robot vacuum cleaner:

You should try to figure out what your needs are by surveying your home.

There are some questions you should ask such as: what is the size of your house, what material is your floor (carpets or hardwood), and is there any pet hair in your home%u2026

1) Size of house

A robot vacuum cleaner can deal with a space of up to 2000 square feet. For a large house, you need a long battery life product which can provide a sufficient cleaning time. The top-rated vacuums for extended battery life are Neato Botvac D7 Connected, Roomba 980, and iLife A4s robot vacuum cleaners. The iLife A4s is affordable as it only costs you $210 USD and its battery life is 130 minutes of cleaning power.


The layout of your house may affect the cleaning time. It also depends on the mapping system to shorten the time to complete cleaning tasks. For a larger house, you should choose a robot vacuum that has floor mapping capability so that it won%u2019t miss any areas or get lost from the docking unit.

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2) Material of floors

Is your floor surface covered in carpet or hardwood? Many products allow you to set up the cleaning mode, which varies with different floor materials. However, some are better with hardwood floors, like iRobot Braava Jet. This product specializes in mopping and sweeping, so it will get your hardwood floors clean and shiny. The other lines of products which can suck up dirt are better choices for carpeted floors. Suction power is the most crucial feature for effectively cleaning carpeted floors. The highest rated vacuum cleaners for carpeted floors are the iRobot Roomba 980 and Neato Botvac D5 Connected. Ecovacs Deebot N79 is priced lower, but better used in a small area. We also recommend the iLife V8s for a more economical budget. It is an affordable choice as it provides both vacuum and mop functions for less than $300 USD.


3) Pet hair

Picking up pet hair off carpets is a challenging task. Many robot vacuums have brushes on the underneath that can pick up pet hair easily. For example, Bobweep PetHair Plus is a product designed for pet lovers. The product can suck up the most stubborn hairballs. It also integrates UV germicidal so it can kill microorganisms to protect your health.

After answering these questions, you may have an easier job finding Best Vacuum Cleaner On The Market ( ( for your house. I hope the article was useful to you.
Title: Re: A question
Post by: Frankenpod on April 22, 2019, 06:33:55 AM
I don't think it is.  Also rockbox only retrieves the first 230-or-so characters of the 'comment' tag.  That's a patch I'd like to see written (by someone more competent at it than me)- maybe, assuming strings are just limited in length by the nature of Rockbox, there could be a function to at least retrieve the _next_ 230 characters of the comment field, so more of the comment could be displayed.  Be useful for podcasts where the comment gives information about the content.  So that this theme could work as intended:  Likewise I don't know how many song lyrics can fit in 230 characters (though I can think of some that would)