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Title: [solved]iPod Video 30GB | Player won't start
Post by: malexmave on January 05, 2008, 07:52:12 AM
Hi there,

first, please excuse my bad English, i'm german  ;D

Yesterday, I installed RockBox on my iPod Video 30 GB. All went well, but today I shut down my iPod (in RockBox-Mode, not the original Firmware) and it took very long (About 20 Seconds, my iPod seemed freezed). After this, my iPod refused to start (It won't show the Apple Logo, it just dont do anything). I thought the Battery was empty, so i connected it to my PC (WinXP) via my USB Cable, but it didn't do anything. It doesn't start and my PC won't recognise it. Is there any solution for this? And do I still have a Apple Warranty after installing RockBox (I think it hasn't expired by time now)?
Thank you!

MfG, malexmave

And if there already is a topic like this, excuse me and post a link to it! Thanks!

EDIT: Solved! Just needed to hit the Reboot-Buttons