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Title: iPod accessories (FM Radio Remote, Car Dock Mode) not supported?
Post by: herculeesjr on August 14, 2021, 05:34:47 PM
I have an iPod Nano 1st generation 4GB that I've installed the latest stable Rockbox release on, however when plugging the iPod into my car that has iPod support nothing happens except the car saying there is a connection error. I also have the FM Radio Remote which when connected to the iPod the buttons work fine to control the iPod but I see no FM Radio option in the main menu to be able to listen to FM stations. I am loving Rockbox but these two things are deal breakers if there isn't a workaround to fix them. Does anyone have any patches or something to make these work? Am I missing a setting that needs to be enabled? I tried a fresh reinstall of Rockbox thinking maybe I touched something I shouldn't have, but no luck. According to the FM Radio Remote is supported fully and car audio playback is supported to varying degrees of success depending on brand.

Make/Model: Apple iPod Nano 1st Generation Black 4GB A1137
RockBox: v3.15