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Title: H320 won't boot into Rockbox
Post by: dag on March 17, 2007, 02:26:41 PM
Unzipped the zip file to my H320 and have the .rockbox folder and rockbox.iriver in the root.
Ran fwpatcher.exe selecting H300.hex and get a good patched message.
Copied H300.hex to the root of my H320.
Disconnected the H320 from the usb.
Navigated to General/Firmware Upgrade and selected yes. The H320 turned itself off.
I used european v130.
Now when I turn it on it reads v 1.3 E as it should.
I still boot into the iriver firmware. What did I do wrong? The instructions are straight foward (thanks to someones writing ability).

Added later. Solved the problem. I recopied the hex file to my H320 and ran the upgrade again.