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Title: Record plugin - Push to hear possible?
Post by: asandhu on February 21, 2012, 08:15:00 AM
Hello all,

First off I know nothing of developing for RockBox. I own a pair of Etymotic ER4-P's, which I am using with an 8Gb Sansa Clip Zip. I was thinking the other day...with my headphones (Picture here: ( the passive noise attenuation is extremely good, however the headphones are difficult to remove and reinsert regularly (At least for me, everyone's ears are different!).

I discovered that I can use the recording plug in to monitor what's going on around me...useful for crossing roads, random encounters, paying for things in a shop etc.

Is there a way a shortcut can be added to the context menu of the Now Playing Screen? I don't actually need to record from here, just monitor what's received by the microphone? I would be willing to at least look into how difficult this would be to code for my self, if no one more experienced has any solutions/wishes to be nice enough to create one for me! I wouldn't know where to begin though...but I guess you learn through experience!

Cheers guys in advance,

Amar Sandhu

(A similar product exists by a company called Shure which just adds a powered in line microphone, however if RockBox can do the same thing, then why not!)