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Title: Samsung Q2 porting
Post by: Alrex95 on November 27, 2010, 03:54:06 AM
Seems it's posssible to port Rockbox on the Q2
Some informations:
ased on Sigmatel (now Freescale) STMP3700 SoC, has an ARM cpu () and a DSP for accelerated video/audio decoding, everything wrapped up nicely with a Linux system. The update (Q2Update.dat) format and encryption has been reversed and a repacker has been made, making custom firmwares possible. The most common hack (and the one im using) is unpacking the fw with the script (in the tools folder) and editing the file '' into the 'appfs/bin folder and adding a line that executes a file off /mnt/usb (the partition seen when connected to the pc) like


Repacking the update with and flashing the HACK.dat file is all you need to start enjoying homebrews on your Q2 :D