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Title: Installing on X3
Post by: T7Backdoor on May 26, 2022, 04:12:07 AM
Hi all,
after reviving my old X3, hoping to place my 2x256 sd cards filled with my mp3 collection (and after the abandon of 2 Fioo players, X5 and X5 3rd gen for many reasons), i have downloaded the utility to install Rockbox 3.15 in it.
I place an old 1gb sd formatted as advised, start the sw and the autorecon. All seems to be ok. I can select the mountport (in my system H:), then i select what to install and select 'install'.
The sw asks for the original firmware. I have downloaded it from different locations (1.1), but seems without success. The sw works a second, then closes without other messages.
Now, XDuoo has one firmware for the X3 (abandoned), i try all the one i found...without success.
I try the trick of installing the firmware and then use it for the Rockbox utility install, but no success.
Only one thing i can do is using an old installation of Rockbox (rockbox-full-c140430-180720), that is functioning, but require the .rockbox folder in the SD card (and i can use only one of my old sd card, a 128gb formatted as required).
To be clear, i work with a Win10 Pro system, with 3 units (C D and E) and 2 DVD burners (F and G). Seems strange, but i upgrade the system leaving all the units that are present. 4 Usb are 3rd gen, 4 older 2 gen. My language is italian (maybe is helping).
Some ideas (or further info needed)?
Thanks for the help, have a nice day!